What is Shared Mailbox and how to use it?

A shared mailbox in Microsoft 365 is a mailbox that multiple users can access and use to send and receive emails. It is not associated with a single user's account and does not have its own username and password. Instead, it is typically used for a specific purpose, such as a team or departmental mailbox, and multiple users are granted permissions to access it.

Official Page: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/open-and-use-a-shared-mailbox-in-outlook-d94a8e9e-21f1-4240-808b-de9c9c088afd?WT.mc_id=365AdminCSH_inproduct#OfficeVersion=Monarch

Here's how you can use a shared mailbox in Microsoft 365 with Outlook:

1. Accessing a Shared Mailbox:

(In the new Outlook it will appear automatically without the below steps)

  • In Outlook, go to the "File" tab.
  • Click on "Account Settings" and then select "Account Settings" again from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Email tab, select your Microsoft 365 account and click "Change."
  • Click on "More Settings" and go to the "Advanced" tab.
  • Click on "Add" under the "Open these additional mailboxes" section.
  • Type the email address of the shared mailbox and click "Add" and then "OK."

2. Viewing the Shared Mailbox:

  • Once added, the shared mailbox will appear in the left navigation pane under your primary mailbox.
  • Click on the shared mailbox to view its contents, including emails, calendar, and other folders.

3. Sending Emails from the Shared Mailbox:

  • When composing a new email, you can choose the shared mailbox as the sender by clicking on the "From" field and selecting the shared mailbox.

4. Managing Permissions:

  • Permissions for the shared mailbox can be managed by the mailbox owner or an administrator.
  • In the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to "Groups" or "Users," find the shared mailbox, and manage permissions accordingly.

5. Accessing Shared Mailbox on Mobile Devices:

  • If you have configured the shared mailbox in Outlook on your mobile device, you can access it there as well.

It's important to note that you need the appropriate permissions to access a shared mailbox. These permissions can be assigned by the mailbox owner or by an administrator using the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Keep in mind that the steps and options might vary slightly depending on the version of Outlook you are using and the specific configuration of your Microsoft 365 environment.

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